Toledo protests, riots break out in response to George Floyd’s death

Zak Everett, reporter

On Saturday March 30, peaceful protest turned violent all across Toledo, Ohio, leading to 10 arrests and three injuries. Two of the people injured were protesters and one was a Toledo police officer. 


There is a lot of controversy regarding these Toledo protests, many people claiming that there was officer misconduct. There were several videos caught on camera of police officers violently restraining people and reports of Police officers using tear gas and rubber bullets. There were also reports of rocks, bricks, and fireworks, thrown at police officers ( 


The Franklin Park Mall shutdown on Sunday, and numerous stores and businesses have been damaged in these late night protests. Some parts of Toledo have even added a curfew starting at 9 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m.


According to the Toledo Blade, since Saturday’s event, these protests have mainly stayed peaceful, with Sunday and Monday’s protests staying a lot safer. 


These protests are about racial inequality and the tragic death of George Floyd, who was killed by asphyxiation by former police officer Derek Chauvin. He has since been charge with second degree murder. These protests will contuine throughout the week across the country to bring attention to all that has happened in this incident and the several incidents in recent decades.