OPINION: Essential employees deserve praise at all times


Jaylynn Struth, Chief Editor

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, some businesses have had to temporarily close their doors. But, many workers are still continuing on their typical work schedule. For those who work in healthcare, grocery stores, food service, public transportation, delivery services, and more, their jobs have been labeled as essential. These essential workers have received much praise from the public for working during these times. But today’s essential employees deserve praise all year round, not just during a pandemic.

Essential employees provide essential goods and services. These workers are providing all people with the things we need to survive. It is especially important during these times, but these businesses are always necessary for our survival. Without truck drivers we would not have food delivered to our stores. Without the grocery store employees we would have no where to buy these goods. Without our healthcare employees we would have no one to treat our illnesses. These services will always be needed and should be appreciated at all times.

Essential employees continue to work during all days, times, and conditions. These workers work all year round, including weekends and holidays, and even during national pandemics. Essential employees work during the times when many people don’t have or want to while jeopardizing their own health and safety to put others first. Essential workers are currently working in the middle of a national pandemic, risking catching the virus that they could bring home to their own families. These employees work during all times of the year, no matter the circumstances. 

The praise and applause that essential workers are currently receiving is most definitely deserved. But this should be normal. It should not take a pandemic for citizens to realize and appreciate our essential workers.