MHS announces summer get together for seniors; waits for details about prom

Gabriella Anderson, editor

MHS announced March 24 that there is no official plan for prom yet, but that the staff is planning an outdoor event sometime in late July or August. With that being said, they are going to wait and watch the changing restrictions to make their decision. Many seniors and parents have strong opinions regarding what MHS does for senior events, but staff said they are working hard to put out the safest and most normal prom they can. 

MHS class of 2020 officers tell us they are watching closely what is allowed by the state of Michigan for an event like prom and will have to make the decision based on that, which is why it is still undecided as rules are changing everyday.

With the continued chaos surrounding the world as well as our everyday lives, we felt that it would be most productive and effective for us as a class officer group, along with our class advisors and administration, to observe the evolving restrictions on group events before coming to a final decision regarding prom,” the 2020 class officers posted on Facebook.

Senior Gavin Walker said he hopes they will have a somewhat normal prom but appreciates MHS efforts for his class. 

“I hope that MHS will still have a traditional prom even if it’s delayed,” Walker said. “I do think MHS has been doing a good job in making sure we aren’t unnoticed, and they are making sure we’re recognized in one way or another.”

Senior Gabby Jacobs said she hopes MHS would be doing more for her class. She said some form of prom would be better than none, but she thinks there are ways they could make it happen. 

“I don’t think they have done that great of a job truthfully,” Jacobs said. “I believe that there is more that MHS should be doing about it instead of just giving up on us. I think something is better than nothing at all, so if there were something they did for us, even if it wasn’t the original plan for prom, I believe us students would be greatly appreciative of that.”