Track athletes continue training virtually

Megan Kane, Editor

With every spring sport being canceled due to Covid-19, athletes are trying to find ways to train. This can be difficult with no games to look forward to, teammates to train with, coaches to support, and the proper equipment. Not only do athletes not get to properly train, they’re missing out on the best part of every sport — competing. Fortunately, track athletes have been given an opportunity to virtually train and compete.

On, track athletes with an account can log their training hours. They can also post their workouts, videos, and photos to stay connected to teammates and coaches. Unfortunately, the training logs are only for runners logging miles, so field athletes don’t have many options. There is also a challenge called the Hoka One One. Runners can manually log their mileage or use their Garmin/Fitbit app to automatically post it. Runners get an award for every 100 miles they run over the summer.

There are “virtual meets” almost everyday. Hosts post about the meet and give a submission limit, available “at home events,” and sometimes an admission fee. Some events are altered to be more at-home friendly, such as shotput being turned into softball throws. All admissions must have video proof along with timing affirmation. Field events like throwing must also have video footage along with proof of measurement.

Having these virtual options can help motivate athletes to stay in shape for next season and have fun virtually competing. These events also help with the meet fees and subscriptions, keeping this website running. has made amazing accommodations for the 2020 track athletes.