Kim Jong-Un rumors adressed

Alexia Barton, Reporter

On April 25, the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, was rumored to be brain dead after undergoing a serious surgery.

The dictator reportedly underwent a serious heart surgery. Many reports were being released that he had fallen into a “vegetative state” or in other words he was brain dead. After this news had become mainstream, more and more reports have been released in which these reports have been denied.

Though many reports have denied his state, not much proof has been shown to deny the claims either. There have been a lot of things changing with these reports with the dictator of North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un early health problems

Kim Jong-Un reportedly underwent a heart surgery for his problems from obesity, smoking, and overworking, and many speculations reported that there was concern of him being in danger afterward.

On April 21, CNN released a report which discussed beginning speculations about Kim having issues after the surgery learned by some United States intelligence inside of North Korea, but it was not thought that he was non functioning at this point.

“A U.S defense official said that the US military assessment is that while they are examining reports regarding Kim’s poor health, the evidence at this point does not suggest he is incapacitated.” (CNN)

Reportedly Brain Dead

On April 25, Many news outlets released articles stating the rumors of Kim Jong-Un being brain dead.

After Kim did not make an appearance at his grandfather’s birthday celebration, rumors were running wild about what had happened to him.

Many news outlets released articles claiming that Kim had a heart surgery in which he did not wake up and he was confirmed to be brain dead.

Though North Korea was acting like everything was fine in their country, other countries were making claims about the dictator’s health.

“A Hong Kong broadcast network claimed Saturday that Kim died, citing a “very solid source.” A Japanese magazine, meanwhile, reported late Friday that he is in “a vegetative state.” (NYPost)

Reportedly Alive and Well

On May 1, North Korea started to release statements claiming that he was alive and well without any troubles.

For a while they were only releasing statements, but there was no solid evidence that they would release to claim that he was still functioning.

Fox News released a story in which Kim Jong-Un is spotted opening a fertilizer factory while walking and talking.

“Although rumors and various reports have swirled over the last several weeks that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was dead, late Friday night we received the first visuals and video of North Korea’s Chairman Kim — alive, walking and talking — touring a newly built fertilizer factory.”

What to believe

Though reports have been believed of seeing Kim walking and doing well, there has not been a statement made from him to disprove any of the accusations. There has still been a lot of talk and speculation about what has happened and what is still happening with this situation, and nothing has been entirely shut down in the way of evidence. Reports are still being released, and the world is not entirely sure what is going on with Kim Jong-Un.