Stimulus checks hit American taxpayers accounts

Natalie Fortune, Reporter

The first wave of stimulus checks went into the bank accounts of American taxpayers on April 11, with the second wave coming in the next week.

Stimulus checks are checks sent to taxpayers by the U.S government. The main point for the money is to help the economy, giving consumers more money to spend into the system. These checks don’t come out that often but when they do, it usually means the economy needs help.

The Internal Revenue Service said that the first wave of stimulus checks were for American taxpayers.

“The first batch of stimulus payments promised to American taxpayers amid the coronavirus pandemic were directly deposited on Saturday,” stated the Internal Revenue Service.

The New York Post said that the second wave of checks will keep coming out to people who applied but didn’t get money but the people who want paper checks could wait a long time for their money.

According to the New York Post, the second wave of coronavirus stimulus payments will start hitting bank accounts in the next week, but retirees, veterans and pensioners expecting paper checks may have to wait up to 20 weeks for the cash.”

The Washington Post said that a new deal was made for small businesses, coronavirus testing, and for overwhelmed hospitals.

According to the Washington Post, the White House and congressional leaders struck a deal for a new $484 billion pandemic relief plan with funds for a tapped-out small business aid program and aid for coronavirus testing and overwhelmed hospitals.

President Donald Trump said in a series of tweets that after he signs the bill he wants to have a discussion to provide relief for governments.

“After I sign this bill, we will begin discussions on the next Legislative Initiative with fiscal relief to State/Local Governments for lost revenues,” tweeted Trump.