Preventing the spread of the Coronavirus

Should you be wearing a mask?

Emilia McLeod, Reporter

With the new Coronavirus sweeping the world and being a major concern in the U.S., many are left wondering how to protect themselves. A now-frequent accessory in grocery stores and elsewhere are masks that cover the mouth and nose. However, there is an argument surrounding them, some deeming it unnecessary and others calling it crucial to their protection against the virus. So, should you be wearing a mask when leaving the house? In recent days, health officials have made it clear that they stand behind the idea of doing so.

On April 2, the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, hosted a live announcement discussing upcoming plans and policies surrounding the virus. In this announcement, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, who is Michigan’s Chief Medical Executive discussed the topic of facial protection. Following recent findings on the airborne potential of the coronavirus, she explained that citizens may now want to think of wearing masks in public, while also stressing the extreme need of hospital workers.

“There’s no question that our front-line hospital workers don’t have enough masks. If there is an N96 mask or surgical mask, we want it to go to our hospital partners,” Khaldun stated. “That said, we know that some people may have a mask at home, or they may be able to make a mask out of cloth or a bandana, and if they want to do that and they can, they should strongly consider it, and it certainly won’t cause any harm.”

In recent days, health officials have started to recommend wearing masks, especially with incoming research about how the Coronavirus travels from individual to individual. It appears that masks might be more useful to the general public than initially thought, but these officials have also been sure to remind everyone of who really need masks in this time: medical workers.  However, whether it be your personal surgical mask or bandana, covering your face when out and about seems to be most ideal in the present time.