COLUMN: Americans fail Bernie Sanders


Maya Kasprzak, Reporter

I have had the privilege of seeing Senator Bernie Sanders at rallies three times. I even shook his hand once. I have been following his campaigns since 2016 and after researching his lifelong political career, I confidently believe that he is one of the most selfless people this political system has ever seen. And yet, Americans have failed him once again.

On April 8, Sanders announced the suspension of his campaign for president. He stated that he simply did not have enough delegates, and that “the path towards victory is virtually impossible.” 

Sanders has been a lifelong advocate for the people and a voice for all. Unlike other candidates, he does not have a problematic past. He has been arrested at race riots in the 60’s, and he spoke at a LGBTQ+ Pride event in the 80’s. He worked his whole life in order to better the lives of the less fortunate around the world. He never missed an opportunity to help people and to support others. There is no other candidate that is more deserving of the democratic nomination. 

The selflessness of Senator Sanders is most prominent in these trying times because we are in the middle of a global pandemic during an election season. From the very beginning of the pandemic spreading to the United States, Sanders immediately fought for a bipartisan relief bill in the Senate rather than worrying about his number of delegates in the continuing primary elections throughout the country. He continued to watch his presidential campaign fall apart right in front of his eyes, but he only cared about helping the American people during a crisis. 

All he wanted to do was help people, and to me, that is exactly what we need right now. However, this just goes to show that the American people are not ready for a fighter for all people in the White House. As Sanders said himself, the end of his campaign does not mean the end of this movement.