OPINION: Students should not take school for granted


Alexia Barton, Reporter

Since the coronavirus has made its mark in the United States, many things have been cancelled to slow down the spread of the virus. From professional sporting events to different workplaces being shut down, everyone has been impacted in some way by the virus. However, school is one place that a lot of people did not think they would have been upset about being closed down. When schools first closed down, many students were thrilled to be getting time off. So, what has happened since then? It seems students may have taken school for granted and now wish they were there for socializing, face-to-face learning and many essentials that students need.

After about three days into this cancellation, many students realized it is not as exciting as it seemed to be. Students quickly realized that this would not be like any school vacation they have received before. Most places are closed down and leaving houses is strongly discouraged. It has made a lot of students realize the things that school gives them are taken for granted.

One thing that schools give students is a place to see their friends. In school, students are able to interact with their peers, and it gives them an opportunity and a reason to socialize with the people that they choose. Since this cancellation, students have not been able to do any of this because they can not leave the house.

With school being cancelled, so have a lot of school events. From sports seasons to plays, many fun activities that students look forward to having been cancelled or postponed.  Many students have events they were looking forward to and now people are not sure they are going to happen because of the coronavirus. It is so bad that seniors are concerned about their prom and even graduation. 

Being in school provides students with a balance for their day along with a learning environment that helps students to receive the help that they need in the classroom at a fast pace. Being able to communicate with teachers face to face and learn with the teachers and peers in the classroom is very important. Now it is harder to get help on an assignment quickly, and students do not have the help they need to stay focused with limited distractions.

So, since this coronavirus forced break from school has started, students have really realized that school is not as bad as we have made it seem, and many really just want to go back. With these realizations, maybe when school is running again, students will cherish the moments a little more than they have before.