State of Emergency affects students

Today, we are affected by an increasing pandemic, something that only happens once in a century. School has been canceled and people are staying home from work in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. The Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has issued a State of Emergency last Monday due to COVID-19. This allows Michigan’s government to perform actions and impose policies that it would normally not be able to do. 

When people hear about Michigan declaring a State of Emergency, they start to panic. A State of Emergency is not necessarily threatening; it is merely a way for Michigan to use its funds for aid, but the emergency is very real. This pandemic has affected everyone’s day-to-day lives. The State of Emergency was later accompanied by a Stay At Home order and citizens, including students, should take that seriously without panicking.

Some MHS students have said that they weren’t panicked about the virus until others instilled anxiety about it into them. Junior Emmett Livingston blamed the news coverage as a direct cause of this.

“My family is sent into a panic by the fear-mongering news cycle,” Livingston stated.

Many other students agree with the constant worry and anxiety caused by the coronavirus, but also online school work. Senior Jordan Zarecki said that the pressure from school work on top of all of the other stress, is not helping.

 “There’s a surprising amount of work for all my classes, and the constant stress of all the panic and worry,” said Zarecki.

All of this panic caused by the virus is only adding more anxiety in an already difficult situation. It is difficult for students to be forced to stay in their homes and to not be able to see their friends. Everyone’s daily lives have been altered due to this pandemic, so people should check their facts and only spread proven, important information from reliable sources.