MHS Drama Club prepares for “Alice in Wonderland”

Delaney Setzler, Reporter

The MHS Drama Club is now in full preparation to present its spring production, “Alice in Wonderland” to students, staff and the community. The show, which is held in the MHS Auditorium, will be March 13-15. A student show for a reduced price of $2 will be on Friday beginning at 8 a.m. The rest of the shows will be Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.

The show centers around young Alice (played by senior Annalise Furlong) after she falls down a rabbit hole and enters an alternate universe out of her wildest dreams. This place is magical, colorful, and opens her eyes to new possibilities and imagination. 

While making her way through, she meets strange and fun characters to help her along the way. These include the Cheshire Cat (played by senior Jolena Gurly), the grinning cat with the abilities to disappear at will. The cat serves as a narrator throughout the story as well as helping young Alice through her journey.

She also meets the White Rabbit (played by senior Adyn Hallahan), a worried little Rabbit who happens to be late meeting the queen. The Queen of Hearts (played by sophomore Cailin Molenda) rules over wonderland; she’s an angry ruler feared by all citizens. 

Alice also runs into the Caterpillar (played by junior Emma Scznsny), who is laid back but annoyed with the young girl. Without receiving much help from her, she continues on her way and eventually meets Humpty Dumpty (played by freshman Middle College student Mario Tucker). Round and insecure about his shape, Humpty provides her with more information about Wonderland. 

Eventually Alice stumbles upon the Mad Hatter (played by sophomore Cole Mayes), a strange sort of man he attempts to help Alice find the queen. Along with the Hatter she also meets his friends the March Hare (played by sophomore Clare DeLoache) and the sleepy Dormouse (played by Middle College student Reese Johnson).

After being found by the queen, Alice meets Tweedledee (played by freshman Reese Johnson) and Tweedledum (played by sophomore Gabby Forrester).

Other appearances include: Alanna Colbaert as the Dutchess; Samantha Vandermark as the Cook and Lady; Alex Schmitt as the King; Clifton Williams as the Knave; Makenzie Grisby as the Courtier; Alex Loredo as the Mock Turtle and Executioner; Card Soldiers as Serra Forrester, Robert Jorgensen, Emma Scznsny, Brandon Harper.