OPINION: American people should not judge royal family decisions

Alexia Barton, Reporter

By now, most of the world has heard the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping down from their roles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The world has been watching while the final decisions are being worked out between Prince Harry, Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth. This has caused a lot of talk within the American people who follow the royal family. The real question is why does everyone care about it?

Many Americans have been following the royal family for a while now, and it seems as if after Markle got involved, people have been watching them closer than ever. People have been all over this situation, putting in their personal opinions and saying very rude things about the decisions that Prince Harry and Markle have made for their family.

It seems that it should not be the business of the American people about whether or not they want to leave. Prince Harry and Markle have decided they want to raise their son and, although some people think it is selfish of Prince Harry to step down from his royal duties, he was sixth in line for the throne and had a very unlikely chance of being crowned king anyway.

So, in all reality, Prince Harry and Markle want to raise their son in peace like a normal family and it is not in the hands of the American people to judge their decision, especially since it does not affect this country. People should be proud of  Prince Harry and Markle for doing what they think is right for their new family. People should either be supportive or leave their opinions out of this situation that already is not easy for their family.