Attention brought to lesser known clubs at MHS

Shan-Toyria Morrow, Reporter

Here at Monroe High School, we have an array of clubs, some more popular than others. MHS Interact is a popular club here at our school. It is a club known for giving back to the community by planning events and fundraising. Students are very familiar with this club, whereas the clubs like robotics, sewing, or art are not as well known. Here is a list of  “The Forgotten Clubs of MHS.’’

The Art Club, run by Amy McBroom, is a place where people who enjoy creating art can meet together and do what they love. They have created many of the murals that don our walls here at the school, and they even help decorate for school dances. There are no requirements to join this club. They only ask two things of you: respect one another and create art while in attendance. If you would like to join this club you could contact McBroom or one of their officers, senior Chalie Bert, who is the president, or sophmore Jaiden Jorris, who is the vice president. 

The Fishing Club is also a lesser-known club here at our school. Led by the Freshman Assistant Principal Micheal Foley, it now has 90 active members and are accepting new ones every day. The only requirements for this club are that you love to fish, maintain at least a 2.5 G.P.A., and you must love to have fun. They do not have officers, so if you are interested in joining this club please talk to Foley.

Trojan 4-H is a club for volunteering, creating crafts, and giving back.  Advised by Sandra Kern and Pietrina Guy, it’s motto is “Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.” By participating in this club, you become eligible for many scholarship opportunities. The only requirements are that you attend the spring field trip and enter a minimum of one project in the Monroe County Fair. If you are interested in joining this club, you must contact Kern, Guy or one of the officers, senior Inea Trejo, who is president, or junior Madison Johnson, who is vice president.

Young Democrats is a club that gives students that are passionate about politics a place to discuss their beliefs and take on various projects around the school like cleaning up litter and garbage around the school, or setting up student voter registration. You can become part of the club by signing up for its achieve and attending meetings. If you would like to join this club, you should contact the club advisor, Sara Ziegler, club president, junior Maya Kasprzak, or vice president, junior Layla Marsee.

DECA is a club run by Jeffery Brown, here at MHS. The club is a place for students who consider themselves leaders and/ or entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, management, etc. These students gain experience in business and prepare themselves for conferences where they compete with other students to see who knows the facts best. There are no requirements for this club other than you have to be in Generation E or a marketing class. If you would like to join this club, you should contact the club advisors, Brown, the club president, senior Sam Vandamark, or the vice presidents, junior Chancey Boyce and sophomore Kai Nipper.