Coaches dedicate new basketball room for game preparation

Gabriella Anderson, Entertainment Editorial

This November, the MHS varsity basketball teams put together a basketball lounge/film room in the upper gym at MHS. The room contains white boards, a projector, chairs, bag racks, and a desk for the coaches. 

The new addition is hoping to reduce clutter in locker rooms and be a better place to go before the games and during half time. The improved space for the basketball teams was imagined by the boys varsity coaches and came out of their budget. 

MHS Athletic Director John Ray explained the main use for the basketball teams new addition.

“They can come up here before the game to have a team meeting. Then (they can) come here at halftime, and they can come here after a game to talk, ” Ray said. “it makes it a lot easier for when we host other teams to reduce clutter.” 

Senior and varsity basketball player Liam Brodie said the room is a positive improvement for the team.

“Before the games, we will have a room where we are just alone instead of being in the locker rooms,” Brodie said. “We will have better chairs and more space to keep all of our stuff without others getting into it.”

Sophomore and girls varsity basketball player Olivia Bussell said she has hopes for the new space.

“The new space for the team is very functional and will provide lots of helpful things,” Bussell said. “Hopefully, we can utilize the space and start to review more film and talk more during halftime.”