REVIEW: Drama Club’s ‘Cinderella’ exceeds expectations


Jackie Forrester

Sophomore Hanna Flinders sings “In My Own Little Corner” during the MHS Drama Club performance of Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.” The show ran one weekend, Nov. 15-17, in the MHS Auditorium.

Samantha Drougel, Reporter

The show “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella” performed by Monroe High School’s Drama Club Nov. 15-17 was a magical experience for all ages. Cinderella, played by sophomore Hanna Flinders, transformed from a lonely country girl into a beautiful princess right before your eyes. 

The characters were very well casted. Joy and Portia (evil step-sisters), played by Junior Erin Dorsey and sophomore Cailin Molenda, were a good team when it came to adding comedy to the story with their funny antics and the song “Sisters Lament.” Even though their lines were written funny, their body language and character voices took it to a new level. 

Senior Shan-Toryia Morrow brilliantly played the most complex character in the play. She could be funny and scary at the same time. Junior Logan Skidmore, who played the Prince, and Flinders had great chemistry, making the audience really engage with the story. The harmony of senior Daija Pendelton and Flinders was beautiful in the song “Impossible.” Their full tone matched perfectly and filled the room

The director tried to pull off Broadway-level stunts and, although some may have been a little choppy and loud during the clock scene, watching the pumpkin turn into a full-sized carriage was incredible.

The costumes looked very put together and were from the appropriate time period. All of them were very ornate, which really brought the show to life. The best costume was Cinderella’s transformation dress made by Megan Bowman, which gave the magical illusion of Cinderella changing into her ball gown on stage. Flinders spun around on stage and, what seemed to be rags, unfolded into a beautiful ball gown.

The music was played by some of the MHS orchestra members and, considering that it was their first time playing for a musical, it was pretty good. They kept up with the actors and were always on time for their cues.

The show as a whole was very well put together and was by far one of the best and most inclusive plays that the MHS Drama Club has put on. It has certainly set high standards for MHS productions in the future.