New teachers, admins start at MHS

Mackenzie Longfellow, Reporter

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The new school year has begun and with that comes new teachers and administration to the MHS staff. Here are some of the new staff members starting this year.


Inspiring kids is something every teacher hopes to do in every class and there is no exception for the new biology teacher Kristin Tyll. 

Tyll said that she likes engaging her students in what they are learning.

“I get to see the kids are just intrigued when I have something to say about something,” Tyll said.

Tyll said that the reason she became a teacher was because she enjoyed the feeling of teaching kids.

“Anytime my students had like an aha moment,” Tyll said, “that feeling is there.”

Tyll enjoys inspiring and teaching her students in a fun, interactive way.


Making students feel welcomed on a daily basis, our new Assistant Principal Jen Furkas, is always greeting students in the morning. She previously worked at Southgate Anderson High School as an English teacher before becoming an AP here.

Furkas said her new position at MHS is a big change from when she taught at Southgate.

“The relationships with students are a lot different,” said Furkas.”You know, as a teacher you get to know your students really really well, but as the principal students don’t really want to talk to you and thats been hard for me to adjust to,” Furkas said.

So, if you happen to pass by assistant principal Furkas, don’t be afraid to say hi.


Many MHS alumni have come back to MHS to teach at their old high school. This is the situation for the new construction teacher, Andrew Marchese, who previously attended MHS.

Marchese said he loves that he is working at the school to which he went.

“It’s been great being able to return to the school I attended, and I love now being a teacher here,” Marchese said. 

Marchese said that he likes to see the kids he teaches succeed in high school.

“I’d like to see my current students succeed. Not only in my class, but in their other classes, as well,” Marchese said.

With such a strong school spirit, Marchese is ready to lead his students to a bright career in construction.