Trojan Pride Day 2019

Megan Kane and Sam Drougel

Photos by Gabby Anderson and Megan Kane and Story by Delaney Setzler

On Monday, Sept. 30, MHS hosted the annual Trojan Pride Day as part of homecoming week. In the past Trojan Pride Day and homecoming week have come separately, but this year administration made a decision to combine them into one large event.

Kimberlin said that combining Pride Day and homecoming week was more time efficient.

“This way, we’re only impacting two of our instructional days,” said Kimberlin. 

The day started out in TFT classes. This gave teachers the chance to talk their students through the day and take attendance. The students then had the freedom to roam their assigned wing. Different activities, such as movies, video games, and board games, took place in every classroom as well as in the hallways. 

Student Council Advisor Jeremy Kimberlin said he was happy with the way the day turned out in comparison to past years. 

“I saw a lot of positive energy,” Kimberlin said. “There wasn’t the same level of destruction that was last year,” said Kimberlin.

 Freshman Rodney Mayes helped run karaoke and played games, but most liked attending the assembly. 

“My favorite part was probably the battles between all the wings, like tug-a-war,” Mayes said. 

Junior Kaelen Wallace said she also enjoyed activities during Trojan Pride Day by playing games and decorating her wing. 

“I was in D wing so we decorated with black streamers, I also had fun playing cornhole,” Wallace said. 

 Junior Emma Sczsnsy said that the combination of the two days was not as spirited.

“I felt like the activities for homecoming court and the skits got overshadowed by Trojan Pride Day,” Sczsnsy said.