High schools end results in reflection


Allan Haynes, Editor

It’s like a cliff; the time as a Monroe Public Schools student is almost over. Senior year feels so different than I thought it would. The routine of being in high school, growing up with the same people for 12 years, and living with your parents is almost over for us. For many, after graduation, we only have two more months of summer to hang out with our friends and family because, for some of us, we will be moving out to a different city, state, or even country. We are about to jump off into adulthood; not all of it seems scary but is a new adventure. If I could redo high school, I would.

For those just entering high school and for those who just had your first year, enjoy high school and be comfortable with the people around you. You are going to spend the next four years growing into adults with them.

Take advantage of the opportunities that the school provides for its students. There are some clubs and sports that are open to everyone and being a part of them changes your high school experience. Without the activities in which I participated in high school, I definitely wouldn’t be the open and accepting person that I am today. High school is more than its education, it’s a time to make good friends and blossom and become more than yourself.

For anyone that I have met throughout my four years of high school and my time in public schooling, I hope the best for you. I hope that life treats you better, and I hope that you get to experience life with love and excitement. Don’t let the negatives in life get in the way because every single one of you is amazing. Be with people who you care about, do what makes you happy, and, most importantly, just be you.