Stricter cell phone policy limits distractions

Trey Henderson, Editor

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In recent years, phones have grown from useful communication devices and have morphed into distractions that prevent learning at school. At MHS, talks of changing phone policies have come into light due to the problems that come along with phone usage at school. Possible changes could come from a multitude of reasons, but some of the most glaring issues with cell phones in school comes with distractions, but also with the spread of rumors and misinformation. For such reasons, it isn’t too farfetched of an idea for the cell phone policy to change.

Primarily, cell phones came from a place of need, which stems from the desire to be able to be in contact with anyone at any time. Instead, at school phones serve as distractions that every student carries with them and can’t put down. During nearly every second of every class at least one student is glued to his/her phone, staring towards the floor, not paying attention to the teacher or anything else – and that’s at a good time.

There’s always someone on Snapchat, another on Twitter, and someone else in the corner on Instagram, all spending valuable time in class stuck to the screens on their phones, not paying attention. This both hurts the teacher and the student, since the student is actively refusing to learn the material and the teacher has to put up with masses of students being so wrapped up in their own conversations and on social media.

Another issue that comes along with cell phones being so popular in classes is how quickly false information and rumors can be spread. In nearly all breaking situations, misinformation is quickly spread due to people lacking verified, relevant information and making assumptions without said information. This is no different with MHS, since through the usage of social media, a message can make its way through the student body in about five minutes.

MHS has already faced similar situations in the past few months, such as the whole ordeal with supposed bedbugs present at the school. Instantly, when the slightest rumor was uttered, students took to social media to inform others and share their opinions before hearing any real information on the matter.

Due to the fact that phones cause a multitude of problems, many of which are frequently seen taking place within the school, it wouldn’t be too outlandish for changes to come to the implemented phone policy. With all the distractions and possibilities for harmful rumors to be spread, phones are being used in seemingly innocent, but in reality, malicious ways that might lead to changes in how phones are dealt with on school grounds.