Beloved TV shows come to end

Paige Hardy, Reporter

Many beloved shows are coming to a close during 2019. “Big Bang Theory”, “Game of Thrones”, “Orange is the New Black”, “Supernatural”, and “Criminal Minds” were all on the list of shows that didn’t make the cut for renewals.

“Big Bang Theory“is the first of these to end this year, with its finale that aired on May 16. The decision to end the show after this season was already decided at the end of summer in 2018. Not only has that news been hard to swallow for fans but for its cast members as well.

Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, said she is sad to see the show come to a close after knowing it for almost a year ahead of time. “It’s like a long, drawn-out death,” said Bialik to

The finale of “Game of Thrones” followed closely behind “Big Bang,” on May 19. Fans who have been involved in the show since the beginning are sad to see it come to a close. The last season started in mid-April. Ever since, people all over have been counting down to the number of episodes they have left of their favorite show. The ending has met with some controversy as many fans discuss the surprising ending.

Senior Jeffery Antolak Jr. said he was disappointed to see the show come to a close.

“I feel disappointed. I’ve been watching ‘Game of Thrones’ for all of its seasons and read all of the novels and compare previous seasons to season eight, which feels entirely rushed,” Antolak said. “I’ll be sad to see it end as I’ve always looked forward to watching it every spring but I’m glad it can finally be put to rest.”

Another big show that announced its ending is “Supernatural.” However, it won’t officially be over until 2020. It was brought to the attention of the public as well as diehard binge watchers all over this March.

Other shows ending during 2019 are “Criminal Minds” after it finishes up season 15 in early 2020 and “Orange is the New Black” ending after its seventh season.