Tv shows provide lifelong memories


Madisyn Hardy, Editor in Chief

I have been watching “Supernatural” since I was six years old. I remember when the show came out in 2005. My mom and I would make popcorn, sit on the bed and watch the show together. Some of my earliest memories are watching the show with my momma and pretending to fight monsters with my imaginary Sam and Dean.

By the time I was 17, I had watched all 13 of the seasons on Netflix at least three and a half times. When I found out that the show was ending, I literally started to cry. I have cried and laughed, been happy and disappointed, and felt literal heartbreak all because of these fictional men fighting monsters.

So why do we become so attached to the shows that we watch? I believe that it is because of the memories we associate with the show. I personally associate this show with my childhood. I remember laughing with my mom. I remember her leaning down to explain to me what was happening because I was too young to understand. I remember trying to dress up like Sam and Dean. I remember trying to be Dean for Halloween one year. I remember being happy.

While I understand that shows have to end eventually and while I understand that it’s not real, I also know that change is hard and it’s hard to see something with so many connections come to an end.