Notre Dame fire garners unnecessary attention

Allan Haynes, Editor

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In recent news, the Notre Dame burring has been a trinity for a lot of people. The church didn’t completely burn down but did leave the building unusable, until it can be rebuilt and fixed. It’s gotten attention from all around the world and plenty of donations. This has also created a lot of controversies because the intention the event has gotten is unfair for the plenty of other problems the world is having.

It became front pages of newspapers, the hot topic for days, and spotlight in social media and the Notre Dame Cathedral is receiving attention from all over the world. The church is a catholic icon and because of its religious significance, it’s gotten attention from more than Christians. Why does this deserve so much attention when there are more important problems that deserve help? War, starvation, and poverty are swarming the earth, and it’s become an ignored issue. It’s wrong for people to praise the burning of a religious building when human beings are dying from not having enough food and water.

As soon as the building burned down, millions of dollars of donations rolled to the church for its rebuilding. According to, the cathedral has received over one billion dollars in donations in just a week. This is unfair because the world is facing a lot of other problems, especially third world countries where money is running short and their income of donations is running thin. Also, for that large amount of money to be collected in such a short amount of time is sickening. A cathedral is just a building but there are starving children in our own country. These situations deserve more funding and donations than the cathedral.

Whether its Nortel Lanes or Notre Dame, there are larger problems in this world. Of course, every travesty deserves attention, but the people must know a building is just a building, a person isn’t just a person; they are loving, living beings that are suffering from disease, war, poverty, and homelessness.