MHS prom does not live up to movies


Lily Freese, Editor

Film Fibs

I’m a senior in high school, and I would like to think that I have experienced enough to know that all of the Netflix I binged in the summer of 2015 did not prep me for what was to come freshman year. High school in Hollywood is usually pretty general, the cheerleaders and football players rule the school, or the underdog becomes the top dog. These depictions are typically bland or sugar-coated and they don’t capture the true essence of what high school really is for most teenagers. My point being that, high school isn’t always a musical and most of us are indeed clueless.

The final month of my senior year is here, and according to Hollywood (and my mom), it’s supposed to be the most important month of my life. This is the month of milestones and life-changing events, such as prom and graduation. I’m approaching the final resting place of my time as a high school student.

Prom. Prom is the main star of almost every teen/high school movie, and it’s supposed to be the main event of everyone’s senior year. Even though the supposedly spectacular event that prom is supposed to be is shown on the film screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be as amazing in real life.

In almost every teen movie that features a prom, the idea of a prom queen and a prom king is always a huge deal. The girls campaign and make cookies, print posters, and slander their competitors. MHS, on the other hand, opted out of having a prom king and queen this year, but even in the years before, there was no campaigning or big assembly allowing the possible candidates to plead their case.

In past years, those who were voted as prom queen and king weren’t really given a speech or crowing opportunity where they could have their Mean Girls moment and break their crown into little pieces and throw it out to other girls amongst the crowd.

High School Musical 3 even dedicated an entire song to preparing for prom night. The movie claims that the girls will love prom, and they love getting ready and going, while the guys hate the whole process behind it. I feel like from my experience, the guys have it way easier, while the girls have to spend a ton of money on a dress and accessories that they will only wear for one night, while the boys can return their suit the day after.

Now that I can finally call myself a victim of prom, and its surrounding hype, I think that kids should still enjoy the movies and media on it, but understand that it’s Hollywood’s adaptation, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best night of your young life.