Class 2019 eliminates prom king and queen

Alliyah Trim, Editor-In-Chief

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The class of 2019 advisors and officers decided that there will not be a king and queen at this year’s prom.

Class advisor Tigra Delben said that decision was made because she and the class officers think that students should feel equal at prom.

“As a group we want each student to feel special at prom because it is a night for everyone to shine,”Delben said. “We don’t want to distract from that by signaling anyone out.”

With the many events planned for prom night, the officers felt that there would be no time to devote to crowning a king and queen.

“We have so much going on with the carousel, train, appetizers, dinner,” senior Avery Morales said. “We don’t think there would be enough time to go through the voting ballets.”

Along with the activities, this is the first class at MHS to hold a prom at the Toledo Zoo.

“Students will be very spread out, but we are looking forward to this exciting new place,” Delben said.

From a young age, many people look forward to prom, in particular, for the king and queen winners. “Growing up, you always hear about a prom king and queen and it’s something that many people have as a goal to achieve and, without that this year, it’s disappointing,” senior Claire Dushane said.

Although it is a tradition at prom that a king and queen will be crowned, Delben said the officers and advisors felt strongly about the decision.

“As for traditions, each class must do what is right for them,” Delben said.




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