Seniors reflect on last year of sport

Megan Kane, Matthew Cheff, Ethan Russeau, Reporters

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Sports are the highlight of many students high school life experience. This year, MHS has many seniors who are competing in their last high school season. Seniors share their sports experiences and reflect on their season now that it’s over.

Senior Chad McCarthy has been running cross country since eighth grade. McCarthy said he set goals for himself during the season, including going to States again.

“I really wanted to go to States, which I did my freshman year. I tried to be a good leader and teammate,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy said the last race of the season was bittersweet for him.

“I was a little sad that it was all over, but I definitely ran as hard as I could and did my best,” he said.

Though McCarthy struggled with saying goodbye, he gained knowledge from the sport.

“I learned how to be a good teammate and how to work hard. Cross country is something you have to work hard at,” he said.

Senior KC Thorton has been playing basketball since fourth grade. Her goals for this year were far from small.

“I really wanted our team to be District champions. Overall, I wanted my team to be connected and close,” Thorton said.

Along with the goals she set for her team, Thorton also set goals for herself.

“I would like to be remembered for my positive attitude and the charisma of trying to have a good time but also being focused and competitive,” she said.

Thorton’s last game was one to remember.

“The last game was very emotional for me knowing that I was going to leave all of my teammates behind. I just remembered all of the fun memories from this season. We were all crying and overwhelmed because the team will never be the same,” she said.

Thortan said basketball was a learning experience.

“This sport taught me to never give up especially when negative things happen you have to learn to move forward,” Thorton said.

Senior Natalie Litra has eight years of playing volleyball under her belt. Litra said she learned what it meant to be looked at as more than just a volleyball player.

“I want people to look at me like I have been a good role model and leader,” Litra said.

Litra said volleyball taught her important life lessons.

“I learned to work hard and to go with the flow and to keep up with the program,” Litra said.

Litra reflects on her last season.

“It was definitely bittersweet, just realizing volleyball was now over,” Litra said.

Senior Carson Delben first started to play soccer before his freshman year in high school.

“I started a year before I got into high school so about five years.”

Delben said the legacy he wanted to leave behind at MHS was how he treated others.

“I honestly don’t really think I left one (a legacy), but probably Just being a good teammate you know, being a good friend,” said Delben.

Delben’s said his goals for the soccer team were to always stay positive and look forward to future games.

“Just have a positive attitude because you look at our record, (it wasn’t so great) but one thing I always kept in mind was just keeping spirits high and never getting too down,”said Delben.

Senior Shaelynn Pridemore just recently started competitive cheer at MHS but also participated in it in

middle school, too.

Some goals Pridemore set for herself and her team included beating records and coming in first in competitions

Pridemore said the end of her competitive cheer season was bittersweet.

“I was sad it was over, but it was good because we all had a really good season.”

Pridemore said she believes she learned how to be a better teammate.

“I learned how to be patient and to work well with others,” she said.