MHS senior wins ISD Whole Apple Award

Alliyah Trim, Editor

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Senior Logan Complo was chosen for a Whole Apple Award for General Education Peer Mentor of the Year through the Monroe County ISD.

The Whole Apple Awards is a banquet in celebration of individuals that have made huge impacts to individuals with disabilities. This year, the banquet will be held this Thursday, May 16.

The General Education Peer Mentor category was created to honor the individual who has made long-lasting impacts on the life of an individual or individuals with disabilities.

“I interact with them and am nice to them because it’s how I would want to be treated,” Complo said.

Nomination letters were sent in by a team of educators, parents, students from around the county, then a committee reviews the nominations and selects a recipient for each of the 12 categories.

“Logan was picked because of a special bond that he created with a young man with a disability,” chairman of the Whole Apple Awards Committee Laurel Rosen-Weatherford said. “Logan’s letters shared what an amazing young man he is and how he is dedicated to helping others inside and outside of school.”

Logan first became interested in helping kids with disabilities after joining Project Unify where he participated in the Unify Basketball games, the Special Olympics, and bowling.

“It makes me happy that I got recognized for this award because I wasn’t acting a certain way for recognition,” Complo said.

The Whole Apple Awards Banquet is being held at the MCISD Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 and available for purchase through Janice Bryon at the MCISD.