2019 NFL Draft held on April 25-27

Zak Everett, Intern

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On April 25-27, the annual NFL Draft took place in Nashville, Tennessee. The first round took place on April 25, followed by the second and third rounds on April 26, ending with rounds four through seven on April 27. The first 32 picks are listed below:

Pick No. 1 Cardinals – Kyler Murray – Quarterback from Oklahoma

Murray and Baker Mayfield become the first QBs to be drafted No. 1 overall by the same college in back-to-back years. He is 5’10” 207 lbs.

Pick No. 2 49ers – Nick Bosa – Edge rusher from Ohio State

Bosa becomes the fourth Bosa to be in the NFL alongside his brother Joey Bosa and his father and uncle as well. He is 6’4” 266 lbs.

Pick No. 3 Jets – Quinnen Williams – Defensive tackle from Alabama

Williams is the first defensive tackle being taken in this draft this year. He is 6’3” 303 lbs.

Pick No. 4 Raiders – Clelin Ferrell – Defensive end from Clemson

The Raiders were last in the NFL last year with 13 sacks. Ferrell is 6’4” 264 lbs and he was ranked No. 21 in overall players in this draft, according to ESPN.

Pick No. 5 Buccaneers – Devin White – Linebacker from LSU

White was a two-year starter at LSU. He was a two-time First-team ALL-SEC in 2017 and 2018. He is 6’0” and 237 lbs.

Pick No. 6 Giants – Daniel Jones – Quarterback from Duke

Jones is 6’5”, 221 lbs, and is the 59th player in this draft, according to ESPN’s ranking system.

Pick No. 7 Jaguars – Josh Allen – Defensive end from Kentucky

Allen is a 6’5” defensive end from Kentucky who is No. 1 overall defensive end, according to ESPN.

Pick No. 8 Lions -TJ Hockenson – Tight end from Iowa

The Lions want to improve its passing and rushing offense. The Lions were 23rd in rushing yards last year, and the Lions hope that Hockenson can improve that. He is 6’5”, 251 lbs.

Pick No. 9 Bills – Ed Oliver – Defensive Tackle from Houston

The Bills want to improve its 16th overall average run defense last year, and they hope the addition of Oliver will help. He is 6’5”, 251 lbs.

Pick No. 10 Steelers – Devin Bush – Inside linebacker from Michigan (Trade up from No. 20 with the Broncos)

Pittsburg lost Ryan Shazier to a potentially career-ending injury and hope that Bush can replace him. He is 5’11”, 234 lbs.

Pick No. 11 Bengals – Jonah Williams – Right Tackle from Alabama

Williams is the second player from Alabama to be drafted this year. He is 6’5”, 302 lbs.

Pick No. 12 Packers – Rashan Gary – Defensive end from Michigan

Gary is the second Michigan player to be drafted this year and the second defensive player from Michigan taken in this draft. He is 6’4”, 277 lbs.

Pick No. 13 Dolphins – Christian Wilkins – Defensive tackle from Clemson

Wilkins is the second Clemson player taken in this draft and the second defensive player from Clemson. He is 6’3”, 315 lbs.

Pick No. 14 Falcons – Chris Lindstrom – Guard from Boston College

QB Matt Ryan was sacked 42 times last year, which is the second most of his career. The Falcons hope Lindstrom can make a difference. He is 6’4”, 308 lbs.

Pick No. 15 Redskins – Dwayne Haskins – Quarterback from Ohio State

Many people thought Haskins would be taken higher, but he fell to Washington at #15 . He is 6’3”, 231 lbs.

Pick No.16 Panthers – Brian Burns – Outside linebacker from Florida State

Carolina ranked No. 27 in sacks last year, and they hope with the addition of Burns, he can help. He is 6’5” 249 lbs.

Pick No. 17 Giants – Dexter Lawrence – Defensive tackle from Clemson

Lawrence is the third player from Clemson drafted and the third defensive player from Clemson. He is 6’5”, 342 lbs.

Pick No. 18 Vikings – Garrett Bradbury – Center from NC State

Minnesota’s run offense was No. 30 overall last year, and they hope with addition of Bradbur, this will help. He is 6’3”, 306 lbs.

Pick No. 19 Titans – Jeffrey Simons – Defensive Tackle from Missouri

Simons tore his ACL in 2018 and will not be able to play at all for the Tennessee Titans. He is 6”4, 305 lbs.

Pick No. 20 Broncos – Noah Fant -Tight end from Iowa (Traded down with the Steelers from No. 10)

Fant is the second tight end from Iowa drafted this year. Fant and Hockenson are the first players to be drafted by the same college as a tight end in the first round. He is 6’4”, 249 lbs.

Pick No. 21 Packers – Darnell Savage – Safety from Maryland (Traded up from #29 with Seahawks)

The Packers traded up eight spots for Savage. He was ranked as the second best safety, according to ESPN, and could help build a strong secondary for the Packers. He is 5’11”, 198 lbs.

Pick No. 22 Eagles – Andre Dillard – Offensive Tackle from Washington State

The Eagles traded up three spots to draft Dilliard, and they traded up a spot in front of Houston who needed a Tackle. With left tackle Jason Peters set to retire soon, the Eagles hope Dilliard will be a good replacement. He is 6’5”, 315 lbs.

Pick No. 23 Texans – Tytus Howard – Offensive Tackle from Alabama State

The Texans have allowed 116 sacks in the last two seasons, which is 12 more than any other team. The Texans are hoping Howard can bring much needed protection for Deshaun Watson. He is 6’5”, 332 lbs.

Pick No. 24 Raiders – Josh Jacobs – Running back from Alabama

The Raiders ranked No. 25 in rushing yards last year and, now that Marshawn Lynch has retire, they need an every down running back. Jacobs is 5’10”, 220 lbs.

Pick No. 25 Ravens – Marquise ‘’Hollywood” Brown – Wide receiver from Oklahoma (Traded down with the Eagles from 21-25)

Brown is an explosive wide receiver that brings a lot of speed to the Baltimore Ravens.

Pick No. 26. Redskins – Montez Sweat – Defensive end from Mississippi State (Traded up from the Colts)

The Washington Redskins lost two defensive ends this offseason and traded back into the first round to get one. Sweat is 6’6”, 260 lbs.

Pick No. 27 Raiders – Johnathan Abram – Safety from Mississippi State

The Raiders had three first round picks. Abram is 5’11”, 205 lbs.

Pick No. 28 Chargers – Jerry Tillery – Defensive tackle from Notre Dame

The Chargers lost three defensive line players this offseason, and they hope that Tillery can fill that void. Tillery is 6’7”, 295 lbs.

Pick No. 29 Seahawks – L.J. Collier – Defensive end from TCU (Traded up with the Chiefs)

The Seahawks lacked depth on defensive end, and Collier could potentially help that. Collier is 6’2”, 283 lbs.

Pick No. 30 Giants – Deandre Baker – Cornerback from Georgia (Traded up with the Seahawks)

The Giants needed some depth at cornerback, and Baker will definitely help them. He is 5’11”, 193 lbs.

Pick No. 31 Falcons – Kaleb McGary – Offensive tackle from Washington (Traded up with the Rams)

Falcons traded back in the first round to protect Matt Ryan and help its offensive line. McGary is 6’7”, 317 lbs.

Pick No. 32 Patriots – N’Keal Harry – Wide receiver from Arizona State

After the free agent loss of Danny Amendola, the Patriots wanted to get another wide receiver. Harry is 6’2”, 228 lbs.