MPS administration helps fund band instruments

Jaylynn Struth, Editor

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The MHS band was surprised this month when district administrators delivered new instruments to the band during class.  MPS Board of Education unanimously approved the purchase of six new instruments, totaling over 30,000 dollars. The band also purchased new stands and LED light kits for the marching drums.

The new instruments purchased were a marching baritone, two concert tubas, a baritone saxophone, a bassoon, a French horn, a drum set, and a symphonic snare drum.

 Junior Emily Tayler said she felt emotional when the instruments arrived.

“When I saw all the new instruments, it made me very emotional. Not only for me, but for all my friends who also received new instruments,” Tayler said. “A lot of us have never been lucky enough to get to play a brand new instrument so seeing them and actually getting to use them really was unreal.”

Band Director Joseph Swinkey said the money for the instruments came from the Board of Education.

“The brand new, very expensive instruments were purchased via the Monroe Public Schools Curriculum budget, with the approval of the MPS Board of Education, which is used every year for similar purposes, but has not been directed to the band in a long time,” Swinkey said.

The band also had help from private donations, online funding campaign that are organized by Swinkey, and the parent support organization, the Monroe Instrumental Music Boosters Co.

Swinkey said he is grateful for the support he has received.

”Every band director has a dream for his students; to have the ability to work towards that dream requires the support from school administrators, community members, and most importantly, the students themselves,” Swinkey said. “We are off to an incredible, inspiring, empowering start, and I am so thankful to Monroe, my admins, and my amazing, hard-working, hilarious students for their trust and their energy.”