Senior year comes with big decisions

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Senior year comes with big decisions

Madisyn Hardy and Jaylynn Struth, Editor/Reporter

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The Annual Decision Day Ceremony is being held today, May 1, in the MHS auditorium. Decision Day is a monumental occasion for seniors because it gives them the opportunity to publically announce their after-high school decisions.

Senior Jake Myers said that Decision Day is important because it allows students to make their final after school decision official.

“It’s important because you get to see where all your classmates are going to college and it’s unique to see all of the different colleges,” Myers said. “It’s important to finally make that commitment.”

Some students are even leaving the country for their after school education. Senior Jolee Harper will be attending college in Tokyo, Japan, studying travel nursing.

“Growing up, my cousin and I really liked the Asian culture, and I realized that there are a lot of different techniques in different areas of the world,” said Harper.

Not all students are going to college; some students are going straight into the workforce or joining the United States Air Force.

Senior TJ Selden said that he will be going straight into the workforce after high school, working for TWB.

Senior Aaron Nabozny will be joining the United States Air Force in order to pay for his college tuition as well as learn a new trade.

“I decided to go into the Air Force for educational purposes, because college costs a lot,” said Nabozny. “I can also learn a trade and if I like that trade, I can always stick with it.”

No matter what their decisions, high school is ending and students will move on to the real world, playing out the big decisions they have declared today.

The end of senior year comes with many big decisions. Where will I go to college? What will I major in? What will my career path be? We are proud of you for making it to this point in your life and you should be proud too.

To see where your fellow classmates are going, hover over the points on the map.