Administrator clears confusion on new entrance policy

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Administrator clears confusion on new entrance policy

Kip Mayes, Editor

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On Tuesday, Feb. 26, an email was sent out to teachers regarding the entrance points of students coming to school in the morning. Prior to this announcement, several entrances including the end of A, B, F, and G wings were unlocked until 7:30 a.m. each morning. The message contained the following:

“Starting on Monday, March 4, all students will be required to enter the building through the main entrance. Buses will drop students off in front of the main entrance, students must enter through the main doors in the morning. The A and B-wing doors will be locked. Note:

The drop off location for ALL special education and ISD students will remain the same.”

After this information was released to students, this new policy was met with mass negativity, criticism, and questions. The biggest question was clear from the start: why?

Assistant principal Michael Foley, one of the administrators for this change, answered several hot topic questions students and staff had.


Who decided to make this change?

“The admin team, which consists of the principal and the assistant principals.”


When was it decided and how long had you been considering this change?

“We have been researching and looking at data for over eight weeks now, making sure that this is the most effective plan for students entering the building.”


Is there a reason why it was decided there should only be one entrance?

“We are always looking for what is in the best interest safety wise for our students. We wanted to tighten up some of our security practices and be able to keep an eye on all students coming in in the morning.”


Where will the teachers be entering?

“Teachers will have access to keys to let them into the appropriate door. We are looking into ID badges that teachers can simply scan at the door.”


Will students have to exit through the main entrance as well?

“Nothing will change after school.”


How will this new change affect traffic in the school parking lot?

“We have worked with transportation and have concluded there will not be a bottle up. The times when the buses come is spaced out so there will never be more than three buses in the round about. We believe that there will be a sufficient amount of time for students to get off the buses without causing traffic.”


What would be the punishment for students letting others into locked doors?

“You could be charged with gross misconduct, being in an unauthorized area, insubordination, or school rule violation.” Punishments for these charges vary based on the situation and can result in a possible warning, SRC, and even suspension for multiple violations.


Do you think this change will affect attendance?

“I would hope not, but we will have to see. I do not think so personally; I think our students value being in school and value being on time.”


What do have to say to people who think negatively of this change and what advice can you give them?

“I just ask them to try and be understanding about our reasoning for doing this and try to understand that this change is for their safety; it is for them. You should try to give change an opportunity before you formulate negative thoughts. I think parents will be satisfied with this change as well.”

For any further questions, refer to the handbook or see an administrator.