Seniors sweep juniors in Winterfest week ‘Powderbuff’ volleyball game

Jessica Laroy, editor and reporter

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Monroe High held its annual volleyball “Powderbuff” game on Thursday, Feb.21 at 7 p.m. The seniors won the fourth set 25-14, sweeping the juniors 4-0.

The “Powderbuff” is a boys’ volleyball game that is played during Winterfest week and is coached by the varsity girl volleyball athletes.

One team consists of juniors and the other consists of seniors. The junior coaches were Mckenzie Peters and Kayla Peters. The senior coaches were Delaney Salenbien and Natalie Litra.

The senior roster consisted of Hayes Brooks, Nick Janssens, Andy Buchko, Joe Schnorberger, Lance Theisen, Bailey Shipe, Evin Cooper, Evan Earnest, Jake Myers, Gino Assenmacher, and PJ Brown. The senior starters were Brown, Shipe, Theisen, Earnest, Myers, and Assenmacher.

The junior roster contained of Armando Flores, Mason Petree, Carson Goodnough, Dawson West, Connor Martin, Trevor Malik, Tristan Bonk, Wyatt Head, and Rashaun Adams. The junior starters were Malik, West, Head, Flores, Goodnough, and Bonk.

The first set started off with an equal fight from the seniors and juniors.

Janssens completed a strong block in the first set.

Although the juniors put up a tough fight, Shipe ended the first set with a kill. The final score was 25-19, senior victory.

Shipe went on an ace streak, having three aces in the second set.

Brown ended the second set with a tip, leading the seniors to another set victory with a score of 25-13.

Petree had three blocks in the third set.

Malik completed three aces in a row.

Assenmacher fired back three aces in a row.

Buchko completed two aces at the end of the set winning the third for the seniors. The score was 25-22.

Shipe made four aces at the beginning of the fourth set.

Both seniors and juniors served well this set.

Coach Kayla Peters said the juniors need to work on their technique to prepare for next year.

“Passing was a big one that we need to work on,” Peters said. “We didn’t go into it with a plan, we just went to play. Next year, we will work on stuff.”

Shipe was a huge asset to the senior squad, completing nine kills, one assist, four aces, 19 passes, and two digs. Shipe said the teamwork and coaching of the senior team is what allowed them to take the win.

“I believe that the reason we won was the coaching,” Shipe said. “Natalie and Laney did a great job substituting and giving us a strong game plan that helped us hold them off. Secondly, the team worked together flawlessly and due to great digs and sets from the back men, it allowed for the front men and I to absolutely obliterate anything in the way.”

Coach Salenbien shared some improvements that seniors had made to help them win this year’s Powderbuff.

“They for sure knew their spots better,” Salenbien said. “We were better organized, which made it easier to play as one team.”