MHS girls varsity basketball team faces the Jet’s

Mandy Petkovich , Reporter

On Dec. 7, the Trojan’s Varsity girls’ basketball team faced the Airport High School Jets at the Monroe Larry Beason Memorial Gymnasium, ending with a Jets win 38-50.

The game started in favor of the Trojans as they got shot after shot making sure to pass the ball over, confusing the Jets defense and enabling them to score.

After a three pointer from the Jets, the score evened out a little bit. The Jets got a break tying up the game.

The Trojans got two three-point shots, giving them back the lead for the start of the second quarter.

The Jets were not afraid to push past the Trojans’ defense and that helped them get free throws from fouls. Their defense, while amazing at fending off shots, earned the Trojans some free throws also.

After a close halftime score of 23-24, the Jets took the lead for the rest of the game, losing it only once in the second half.

Both teams took turns scoring, but the Jets got more shots. The loss left the Trojans sad but also made an entertaining game with twists and turns for fans of both teams.

Senior Sami Sieler said she was proud of the team for the bond they created so early in the season. “I think we did well for so early in the season and have already bonded as a team,” Sieler said.

Assistant varsity coach Halley Sellers said she was proud of her team even though they lost and is ready to get back out for the next team.

“We’re going to get back out there after this one and get the next team. Go Trojans!” said Sellers

Sophomore Ellie Sieler said she was happy to make it on varsity as a sophomore. “I look forward to learn from the upperclassmen throughout the season,” Seiler said.