Healthy tips to overcome senioritis

Allan Haynes, Editor

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It’s your senior year. Having to deal with high school is almost over, but there’s a new struggle that faces you.

Your legs are numb, your brain feels slow, and an unconditional desire to go back to sleep haunts your thoughts. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you have senioritis.

This happens to everyone around their senior year in high school, and it’s a sickness you can’t live with. It constantly stops you from doing your work and makes it a painful experience to leave your bed in the morning.

Senior year is the last year of high school, and it’s important that you pass all your classes. Having senioritis makes this hard and almost impossible but there are ways to get through it. The best thing that you can do is get a good night sleep. Many people have trouble getting ready for school and paying attention is your first classes. Being behind in a class just makes things harder.

The next thing that you can do is keep a planner. Having to constantly keep yourself awake and keep your stuff caught up makes your forget a lot of things. Make sure that you always know what you need to finish for homework and never skip homework to hang out with friends.

Last, always spend less time on your phone. A lot of times checking your notifications turns into a 45 minute phone surf. Doing this can distract you from lessons during class, doing homework, and getting sleep.

Senior year is important and giving up makes things difficult for your future. Senioritis is a disease that attacks people at the most influential time in their lives and having helpful tips makes things easier. Refer to these tips every day and your senior year will be your best year yet.

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