New teacher hired for online German class

Macy Jacob, Reporter

There’s silence in the computer lab, aside from the subtle tapping of fingers on keyboards. It’s hard to tell, at first glance, to what this online class is dedicated. However, the array of phrases and terms written on the white boards around the room give evidence to suggest that this is an online German class. The teacher, Tobie Saad, seems pleased with the productivity of the class.

Online German is new to Monroe High this year. The class was taught previously by Michelle Mckenzie, then by a substitute teacher, before being assigned to the current teacher, Saad.

“I began this assignment on Monday Oct. 1,” said Saad. “It has been delightful being a part of the MHS community.”

The transition for many students enrolled in online German was difficult at the beginning of the semester, as the class was supposed to be taught live, but things have smoothed out for students since Saad was hired. The teacher also said that she has an excited outlook as the semester continues.

“I am excited by supporting students in claiming their own learning rhythms,” said Saad.

Saad has been speaking German since her first year of college at the University of Michigan. She also attended U of M with an interest in engineering, before transferring into the Linguistics Program at the University of Toledo. Saad began working as a substitute teacher in 2017 in the Toledo schools area, as well as Bedford, the Monroe County Youth Center, Monroe Middle School, and Monroe High School.

Taking an online language class can seem impossible for some high school students, but Saad said she believes self-discipline is the most difficult thing for online students.

“I think the most difficult thing is saying “Yes” to working in a digital environment without an ‘Alexa’ or a digital assistant who makes everything seamless and easy,” said Saad. “Online learning is not the best fit for everyone. One has to want to learn to succeed in online learning modules.”

As of now, it is not confirmed that German class will continue to be taught online, or if the class will switch to being taught live once again.
“At the time, online instruction was the best fit for the students enrolled in German class,” Saad said. “It is unclear how this course will look going forward. We are excitedly examining many opportunities to continue offering stellar German instruction at MHS.”