Candy corn supporter, offended by hate

Lauren Young, Editor

I’m hurt… I’m offended… I truly do not understand how anyone could have so much hatred for such an adorable snack? Even thinking about candy corn makes my mouth water. Sweet candy corn, made from a sugary, creamy, icing… so good.

I love candy corn deeply, not only because it is the most amazing candy ever, but for how it puts me into the fall spirit. The vibrant yellows, oranges, with the contrast of the white reminds me of fall leaves, pumpkins, and skeleton decorations.

Did you know every time you eat these beautiful candy kernels, you are tasting three different flavors? In my opinion, the white top tastes the best. The top layer tastes just like marshmallow fluff. Well, I actually do really enjoy the orange middle and the orange tastes the sweetest out of all of the flavors and has hints of caramel. Now that I think about it, all of the flavors rely on one and another, without the less sweetened yellow bottom, I would be having sweetness overload.

Back to what I was saying, I don’t get how someone could like fall and Halloween yet have such hatred for candy corn? It doesn’t make logical sense. Candy corn is a part of Halloween’s culture. If you claim to like fall, you have to like candy corn.

There are so many reasons I love candy corn; the festive vibes I get while eating them are just a part of these reasons. I truly appreciate how candy corn NEVER gets stuck in my teeth. Candy corn is so easy to eat. You just plop one soft kernel into your mouth and eat it. All other candies are too heavy and just plain unenjoyable to eat. Candy corn is so airy and yummy and won’t coat your teeth.

You know… now that I think about it, I am completely fine with others hating candy corn. This is a seasonal candy, meaning it isn’t always available, which means a limited supply, which means if a ton of people want it, a ton of people will buy it, which means the more people that like candy corn, the less candy corn there will be for me. So go ahead, keep calling candy corn “vial sweetened turds,” because that just sounds like more candy corn for me.