MHS boys soccer team takes the win

Mandy Petkovich, Reporter

The Monroe Trojans varsity soccer team mercied 9-0 against Woodward High School from Toledo on Sept. 24 at the Custer Soccer Complex.

The opposing team, while small, still played well and had a positive attitude. Their coed team had the exact amount of players to play on the field.

With five minutes between each goal, the team had a good time practicing passing and scoring in a more interesting ways.

Senior Drew Prater, the player that scored the first goal of the game, said he was happy to put the team’s best foot forward.

“It felt good to lead the team into a good game,” Prater said.

When asked Prater said he and the team played well overall and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

“I feel like I played well and the team has done really well so far,” Prater said. ”Definitely better than past seasons.”

Gino Assenmacher, a senior and the goalie for the team, had an easy time in goal and said he was happy to score a goal later in the first half.

“It was nice to get some action on the field and be able to score a goal,” Assenmacher said.

Dan Lieto, the head coach of the varsity team, has 15 years of experience coaching and said he is happy with the group of seniors he has this year.

Lieto was disappointed with the amount of competition the other team brought, but thought his team played well overall.

He is also happy with the team’s nine wins, four ties and one loss this season and said he hopes to make it to, or possibly win, districts

“They need practice against more difficult teams, but they played well against this team,” Lieto said. “This season has gone very well so far; my aim by the end of the season would be to win districts.”