Trojan Pride Day causes chaos at MHS

Students in A wing the blue team march through the halls with their band instruments creating a ruckus.

Students in A wing the blue team march through the halls with their band instruments creating a ruckus.

Alliyah Trim, Co Editor-in-Chief

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As we sit here in TFT all day long, we’re all lost, confused and a little frustrated with all of the commotion going on. What even is Trojan Pride Day?

Coming from the student’s aspect, all that we know about Trojan Pride Day is that we’re supposed to be building community with one another by participating in games and activities, such as card/board games, ladder ball, Twister, etc. – which happens to be the case, a little at least.

Last year, there were a lot more rules and structure with the events happening around the school and within each wing. During the structured day, students were to be contained in the classroom and doing a specific activity during that time. Whereas this year, students expressed their feelings about how they want “more freedom,” to build friendships and do activities with one another. Therefore, this year, there was no structure to the day and students were able to roam freely. Even if they were supposed to stay in their wings, that is an unreal expectation to keep track of that many kids with no accountability.

With no structure to the day, students went into other wings causing trouble and using profanity with one another, leaving students with an uneasy feeling like a fight could break out any moment. Everyone loves a good competition, but the freedom has left a loophole for those who wish to cause trouble. Hand-made wing decorations were being torn down and shredded by other wing’s students.

When walking within the wings, all we heard was teachers and administrators raising their voices and telling students to get back into their TFT, or just simply in their own wing. If there was more structure to the day, there wouldn’t have to be so much commotion everywhere around the building.

Having structure would help the students stay within their wings and in their classrooms preparing for the big assembly at the end of the school day. To prepare for the assembly, students should practice or compete against TFT members to decide who is the “best” for that specific activity in which they could later participate for the wing.

Although the earlier part of the day was a tragic, unstructured mess, the competitive assembly at the end of the day was actually pretty entertaining and fun. All of the wing’s competed against one another in Tug-O-War, “Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors,” and the human knot. The assembly had to be the best part and the most organized part of the entire school day.

Overall, the day was crazy. With no structure to what was supposed to be going on, students in the wrong places, doing the wrong things and staff scolding those students for not being where they were supposed to be, this made for chaos. What a great Trojan Pride Day, MHS.

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