Trojans win against Ypsilanti Lincoln Railsplitters

Liv Compora, Senior Reporter

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The Monroe Trojans went head-to-head with the Ypsilanti Lincoln Railsplitters Thursday night. The score ended up in favor of the Trojans, 3 to 1.

Ypsilanti Lincoln was first to make the scoreboard, scoring its only goal early on in the match. Though this is the case, Monroe held its composure and was incredibly strong in the midfield area.

Monroe played a strong game overall, with the defense also holding it down in the back. Freshman goalkeeper Ashley Rathbun made a few great saves in the first half of the game and was protected very well by her strong defensive line.

Defensive player and captain senior Ally Myers played a sensational game in the back and is always a staple of Monroe’s defensive line.

“At first we started out slow, but in the second half, we came out strong and put three goals to win the game,” Myers said.

Coach Rob Anderson had to be late to the game, therefore, the JV coach stepped in to take his place temporarily. When he arrived, the team straightened out even more.

Overall, the players were pleased with their performance.

“I think that we did what we needed to do, and we communicated well,” junior Eleni Wohl said.

The goals were scored by freshman Brynn Trouten, who scored two goals for the Trojans, and sophomore Maddy Janes, who scored one goal.

Throughout the course of the game, Trouten was eager to put the ball in the back of the net, and she had many opportunities. She finally scored a stunning goal for the Trojans and was overjoyed when she did.

“I felt proud and accomplished knowing my teammates were happy and I made my coach happy,” Trouten said.

Trouten is one of the higher goal scorers on the team.

“For the season, I think I’ve scored six or seven goals,” she said.