AIM Program starts flag fundraiser

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AIM Program starts flag fundraiser

Precious Burciaga, Senior Reporter & Editor

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The AIM program recently kicked off a flag program, where flags are sold and placed around Monroe for national holidays. The fundraiser will raise the funds necessary to provide students with scholarships for the program.

The AIM program is a society where mentors help encourage their mentees to increase their cumulative GPA by 15 percent. With doing so, if each student makes his/her goal to increase GPA and improve grades for the trimester, each student earns $200 for the trimester.

This allows each student a chance to earn $600 a school year. However, money does not grow off of trees. With the flag fundraiser, citizens of Monroe Country donate $50 to the AIM program, and in return, will receive a 3’x5’ American flag on a 10 foot pole.  Students in the program will set the flags up in the recipients’ yard two to three days prior to our six patriotic holidays, including Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Supporters who would like to donate to help this program strive pay $50 once a year each year, by cash, check or credit card.

“100 percent of the money goes straight to the AIM students. Whatever we can raise with this, will be sponsoring the kids,” director David Henry said.

The amount of students that are able to be accepted into the program each trimester is dependent upon the amount of money that is raised to be given to the students who earn it by reaching their goal. The students are selected on a first come, first serve basis. All students have a week to apply at the beginning of each trimester before all of the slots are filled up.

“According to Henry, next year we will have about 120 students to sponsor, so about $24,000.

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AIM Program starts flag fundraiser