Prom ticket confusion causes seniors to feel stressed

Elizabeth Smith, Reporter

After much confusion during the selling of prom tickets this month by the senior class, all seniors that came in by the 3 p.m. deadline on Monday April 23, received a ticket.

The senior class could no longer sell them after Monday because a class advisor, Dawn Brodie, had to get a food count in by Tuesday.

The miscommunication sent rumors spreading throughout the school that there were no tickets left to sell. This miscommunication happened when those selling the tickets ran out in the cafeteria one day and had to retrieve more from a classroom. The students were under the impression that there were permanently sold out; however, Brodie said that this was strictly a rumor.

“The ones that didn’t get tickets on Monday were brought to our attention,” said Brodie. “We contacted the seniors as soon as possible and got them tickets.”

Students like senior Baylee Williams who didn’t get a ticket at first, did end up getting one before prom.

“I just went to go ask to get one and they said they were sold out, but it was just miscommunicated that they weren’t and they just had to go physically get more,” Williams said.

Online student senior Shania Wright also had some issues getting a ticket.

“When I went to get it they said it was already sold out,” Wright said. “One of my friend’s mom got her and her date’s ticket reserved but there was a problem getting mine reserved,” Wright said. “I was worried that I wouldn’t get a ticket.” Wright eventually did receive a ticket from the school.