Student doesn’t understand big deal of vaping

Lauren Young, Reporter

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Picture this, seven teenage boys blowing massive clouds that smell like an extremely overwhelming pink cotton candy-induced stomachache. The thick clouds are worse than any fog day we have had at Monroe. The smoke, my bad, the vapors are thick enough to lose yourself in.

Whenever I smell a strong pineapple, I run. I know that these nicotine puffs will eat me up. Once, I was with my friends and they started “hot box” vaping in the car. When I got to my house, my mom told me I smelled strongly of strawberries; this strawberry scent did not leave me for days. I could take millions of showers but the strawberry smell just stayed in everything that I came in touch with that day.

What is the point of vaping? Oh, it’s better than smoking cancer sticks? Scientist Dr. Holly Middlekauff, professor of medicine at University of California Los Angeles, states that nicotine can boost adrenaline levels in the heart which is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Vape juices still usually contain nicotine and create harmful bacteria. So, basically, vaping is still not the best thing. It’s basically the same as smoking without tobacco, it’s just pineapple passion fruit future lung cancer.

Honestly, the health risks listed above are not the ones I am worried about. Have you ever been with a vaper while vaping? My friend that claims to be a “vape god” and I were hanging out this weekend. Not only did he show me hundreds of tricks that I did not understand, but I witnessed a nose hit. A nose hit? He took a hit from his nose and it came out of his mouth. I cannot even talk about this anymore. Maybe it isn’t the vape that I hate, I am pretty sure it’s the stereotypical seventeen-year-old vape lord that gets under my skin.


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