MHS lunch schedule panics student

Elizabeth Smith, Reporter

Monroe High decided to test the switch from four lunches to three lunches to see how it would go.

On the beginning of the third trimester (the start of the new lunches), a lot of students were worried about how the lunches would go; I was one of them.

Being someone who has anxiety, especially when it comes to large crowds, this was literally my worst nightmare physically happening, right in front of me. I was nervous even before coming to school that day. But for some reason, I guess I felt kind of brave because despite my better judgement, I went down to the lunch room anyways. I guess it was because one of my friends were with me. I wouldn’t have gone there alone. Never.

The closer I got to the lunch room, the more I began to second guess myself. I was in full panic mode. And then I went in. If you were expecting me to be overreacting and everything was okay; you were wrong.

There was literally a sea of people. Being 5’2, I couldn’t see anything over anybody. Being this height, I can barely see over anything in general, but all those people didn’t help. You could barely see if there were any open seats. It was chaos. More than 500 high school students in one room at once is just insane, and believe me, I really didn’t want to be one of those 500.

My friend and I decided to let it cool down a little so we could see what was exactly going on, so we ended up going to the Trojan Den to get a drink.

By this time, my poor mother’s phone was blown up with millions of texts of me ranting to her about how insanely stupid this was. She wasn’t too happy about that.

However, when we got back, nothing cooled down, at all. It was still so extremely chaotic, and I was just ready to leave. And that’s when my friend and I decided that we were going to eat on the bench that we eat on when we were doing interviews during lunch. We’d go there, eat real quickly and finish our interviews.

So that’s where we ate. We eat there all week, and we will remain eating there every day, unless it gets changed. Honestly, this change to three lunches is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of.