School janitors deserve appreciation

Mandy Petkovich, Reporter

While the students of schools all over the U.S. may think that their lives are horrible and that they have it bad, but there are people that have to pick up after all of them. These brave men and women stroll through school and clean every milk stain, unused tampon, and unnamable puddles.


There are loads of people in one room and while it is crowded and you may not want to get up and throw your trash away, throwing it on the ground is just unsanitary. This is more work for the janitors and for the lunch staff  in between and after lunches.


Do you have puddles, cans and overflowing sinks at your house? Whether you said yes or no, a place of learning should not go from a learning environment to a trash can. All the students have to do is care more about how they treat their schools.


Almost every teacher has a recycling bin for paper and one for bottles and cans, which will help with cleaning up and helping the earth. Even with all of this effort, kids still do not care about what they put in these bins.

The Money

While they get paid well above minimum wage at an average of $12 an hour, they still must deal with ungrateful children who think the school is their bedroom. Schools spend a lot of money to keep the school clean, but do they actually deserve it?

What you can do to help

When you see a bottle or container on the ground, take a second to pick it up; you will not get some infectious disease by touching it. Also, do not think you’re cool if you trash the bathroom because you are not. You just make everyone’s job a little more unbearable.

Finally say thank you to those brave men and women who pick up after you because, even though you will not admit it, you would want the same courtesy.