MMS student brought grenade into school

Liv Compora, Reporter

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On Wednesday, an inert hand grenade was detained from a student at Monroe Middle School. The grenade was purchased at an army surplus store, which was illegal.

The student was a 14-year old male, and it is still being investigated as to why (his motive) for bringing the un-activated weapon to school. In the bathroom of the school, the student was showing off the grenade and making general threats to other students about “blowing the school up.”

This is not the first scare MMS has had recently. There were threats of a student bringing a knife to school. Thought these cases are reoccurring, the staff at MMS quickly handles and investigates these situations as safely as they can, looking out for the student body’s best interest and safety.

Students are becoming increasingly worried about their safety in school, which is supposed to be one of the “safe places” to be.

“I have a brother that is around middle school age, and it is so scary to me that these things are happening,” senior Kelsey DiCarlo said. “It worries me that my brother could have been in this situation.”

With all of the issues amongst schools with shootings and threats, it is becoming an epidemic.

“I am starting to become nervous sometimes at school, and I have never felt that way before. I’ve always felt safe in school, but now, you never know what could happen,” senior Sydney Herrera said.

Among further investigation of the grenade, it was found that the weapon did not have the capability of detonating, and did not pose a threat ( Though this is the case, the students still went on lockdown.

According to the article, while the investigation is underway, the student in question is currently being held in the Monroe County Youth Center for the possession of the illegal weapon. As of now, it is unclear whether the student purchased the weapon themselves, or if it was purchased for them.


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MMS student brought grenade into school