Fast food options lack in America

Alliyah Trim, Junior Co Editor-in-Chief

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America is often known for its oversized and greasy fast food options, but has anyone ever stopped to think about fast food in other countries?

Rumor has it that McDonald’s, originally founded in America, actually has better options overseas. In fact, in some countries, McDonald’s offers food that isn’t even on the U.S. menu. In different countries McDonald’s offers McSpaghetti (Philippines), McCurry Bowls (India), McPumpkin Omelet Sandwiches (Hungary), and even McBeer in France and Germany (

Not only do the foreign McDonald’s have more variety in their menu, they also offer healthier options. For one, their sizes are smaller, and secondly their food is made with less sugar. For example, an American McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake with no whipped cream has a total of 120 grams of sugar compared to the 67 grams of sugar found in a European milkshake (

Burger King (originally founded in the U.S.) also has different options in other countries. On the official Burger King website, the American Menu offers 15 burgers, 6 sides, and 4 items considered to be healthy. The menu from the United Kingdom offers 19 burgers, 10 sides, and 5 items considered healthy. Even the names on the menu are different. The food on the American menu is described as “burgers,” “chicken and more,” and “salads and veggies.” The food on the menu from the U.K. is described as “flame-grilled burgers,” “crispy and tender chicken,” and “veggie, fish and salad.” The locations in France even offer donuts, waffles, and wings. In Australia, Burger King even has a different name: Hungry Jack’s (

Even KFC has a different menu around the world. A few examples would be the Indian inspired menu offered in Denmark called the “Indian Twister Menu,” which offers foods like black pepper potatoes and sweet vanilla tart. The Arabian KFC offers different Ramadan meals and specials, which all come with 10 mini Krispy Kreme donuts, and lastly, the menu from France offers foods like tiramisu (

It is very clear that even restaurants founded in America have their own unique twists in other countries, but the question still stands: are those other options better?




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