“Black Panther” rises to number one

Mandy Petkovich, Reporter

One of Marvel’s most valuable super heroes finally got his own movie, “Black Panther”. The action-packed movie came out on Feb. 16, topping the box office in its second week. Its special effects, plot and tie-in to the Marvel series makes this a movie for everyone.

In the movie the old king of Wakanda, T’chaka, dies in Marvel’s Captain America Civil War. The country of Wakanda is ready to enter in another worthy king.

The movie follows T’challa in his journey of becoming king. This movie was action filled, with a hint of romance.

Wakanda is an African country with amazing technological advancements and ground breaking traditions. They have stayed out of conflict with other countries for hundreds of years but– no I won’t spoil it.

I would love to live in Wakanda and learn all the ways the rest of the world could improve. I would also love to get my own panther costume.

I am a marvel fanatic so I would have seen it even if it got a bad review. I give this outstanding movie two thumbs up.

It was far better than Age of Ultron and Spiderman Homecoming combined. I am a little disappointed that there is not a special feature of another hero during the movie, even if it was just agent Coulson’s return.

What if instead of a journey to T’challa’s rule, they could have it coincide with Thor Ragnarok, and the ship could crash-land in Wakanda. Now that would be a good movie.

With a record-breaking second weekend, I do not think I am the only one who likes it. Being number one in the box office for February “Black Panther” is a must see.

“Black Panther” is also doing a wonderful job at hyping every Marvel lover up for Avenger’s Infinity War, which, I hope, is going to be just as good or better.

All in all, “Black Panther” is going to be my favorite for a long time; I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD.