Alabama wins NCAA Championship game

Gabe Ziehm, Reporter

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This year’s College Football National Championship was one for the ages. The match up was Alabama looking to bounce back from last year’s championship loss.

No. 1 rushing offence.

Both of Georgia’s running backs are future NFL prospects and were here to prove that they belong with the elite. Alabama started off struggling as they went down 13-0 in the first half.

What people thought would be a shootout was starting to look like a blowout, until Saban made “the move.” Alabama’s coach, Nick Saban, did the unthinkable: he benched his two-year starting quarterback for a freshman that had not played a meaningful snap all season.

At first look, this seemed like a terrible move, but then Alabama scored 10 points in the third quarter compared to Georgia’s seven. Now the people had the football game they wanted. Alabama then went on to score 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter with a chance to win the game. But the kicker for Alabama shanked the game-winning field goal and the game went into overtime.

Yes, the championship game was living up to the hype once more. For Georgia, this was their second straight overtime game in the playoffs. They had beat Oklahoma to get to this game and were looking to cap off the championship with a quick score. But Alabama’s defense was just too strong.

They held Georgia to a field goal and the score was 23-20 in favor of Georgia. Now, the game was left in the hands of freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. A touchdown would steal the championship and a field goal would send it to double OT. On their first play, Tagovailoa was sacked. This was huge because that brought them out of field goal range for a kicker who was already struggling. On the second play, Tagovailoa was unfazed and threw a bomb for the end zone, which was caught.

Just like that, Alabama was champion once again and Tagovailoa was the MVP.


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Alabama wins NCAA Championship game