Student speaks out about students needing a longer winter break

Elizabeth Smith, Reporter

Winter break serves as a much needed break from school, but a lot of students complain that it’s not long enough. It’s already almost two weeks long, should it be even longer?

Winter break should last longer, and here’s one of the reasons why: it gives students more time to be with their family. A lot of times, family members come from out of town to spend the holidays with their families. Having a longer holiday break would give you more time to be with family members that you haven’t seen in a long time. It also allows students to bond with their family members instead of spending one or two days with them before they have to leave until the next big holiday.

Another reason that winter break should be longer is because it gives students more time to relax before they go back to school again. School can get really stressful for students whether people notice it or not. When kids have to go to school and do work every day, along with having a bunch of homework, it wears them out. By the time Christmas comes around, kids are tired, stressed out, and a lot of kids need to have a break in the middle of the year, but when it last for less than two weeks, there’s really no point in having a break at all. During this break, students get a chance to not worry about due dates or homework and just have a peaceful break. Students would greatly benefit from having a longer time to relax and not having to focus on work. More time for these students will leave them feeling refreshed as they come back to school, ready to learn.

Although you may feel it is too short, whatever you do, enjoy your winter break.