Student expresses thoughts on Hocus Pocus remake

Elizabeth Smith, Intern

So, everyone has an opinion, but today we are talking about the least important one, people who think that Ross was a good character on Friends. No, just kidding, not really, but today we’re talking about my opinion. And these opinions aren’t meant to offend you, so don’t get mad for no reason. It’s not okay.

So today we’re talking about the Hocus Pocus movie remake that Disney recently announced and, of course, as with every single topic imaginable, people have mixed reactions to this, but the majority of people are already mad and as much as I’d hate to admit it, I’m, for once, with the majority. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?

You see, I’d honestly like to give it a chance, but, when you remake what is easily a Halloween classic, you better make it the best movie that ever has been produced in the world and it better include the original cast. However, it has been announced that the remake would not include the original cast. Excuse me, what? Twitter users and I alike are furious about this one.

Without the original cast or even just the original Sanderson sisters, this movie is going to flop, because let me tell you, it’s the actors that make the movie. You can’t have just anyone play Winnie Sanderson. Bette Midler literally made that role what it is today. All of those actors put their heart into the roles, and if you have ever watched the movie, you already know exactly what I’m talking about. Every single actor had an amazing performance.

Out of all of this, one thing remains to bug me, the fact is that everyone asked for a SEQUEL, not a remake. So what did Disney give us, a remake. I’m genuinely hurt. Why? To make things worse, the original Sanderson sisters all agreed that they would be interested in making a sequel. They were ready to give the people what they want, but was Disney? Of course not.

So, what are your thoughts on the new Hocus Pocus remake? Are you going to watch it? Do you think that it’s going to be surprisingly good or do you think it’s going to flop?