Netflix introduces new shows

Maryah Cheatham, Reporter

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Sad to see you go, love to see you leave.


We don’t know whether to be happy or sad about the forever changing shows on Netflix. There’s over 100 shows and seasons leaving and entering the Netflix world. “Forest Gump,” “Happy Feet,” “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” and “When the Bough Breaks” are among those that will be on Netflix this month. (


Kid shows “Good Luck Charlie” and “Kickin’ It” will be leaving Netflix along with more than half of “American Dad’s” seasons and “Bob’s Burgers” will also be leaving.  (


I’m personally heartbroken, “American Dad” is my go-to show that guarantees me a laugh. Knowing that it’s leaving, I’ve been watching it more than ever. The new shows coming in don’t really appeal to me other than the new “Switched at Birth” seasons being added and “The Fosters” but those shows are more drama than comedy and hard to get into without watching the previous seasons.


What I’m most excited about is a new show being added called “Dear White People;” this show has received mixed reviews (just the title can make you blink twice). The show has received more than a few negative opinions, but you know what they say, all publicity is good publicity. “Simien says the negative reception of the teaser trailer actually benefited promotion of the show,” Huffington Post stated. (


Netflix, we might need to work something out, because I want all these new shows plus the old ones.

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